Hello, my name is Roberto Suarez and I am the founder of Suarez Digital. I am a graduate from the University of California San Diego and industry professional with over 8 years of diverse Multi-Media and photographic expertise. Over the course of my career I have committed over 6 years to teaching and instructing adolescents in the fields of Multi-Media and Kinesiology, structuring courses and materials to promote students’ learning styles to provide an effective learning environment.

Mission Statement

To deliver individualized and creative results for our clients and collaborators.

Guest Lecturing at Carlsbad High School.

What We Value

Our business is built from community investment. When I first started, my community offered me the opportunity to grow and prove myself. Many years later I always aim to give back to those same communities whenever possible. I am always willing to donate my time to help and assist those in need. From scholarship and scholastic events all the way to sports, I have partnered with community leaders to ensure that those that have no voice are given representation and recognition. We will never be afraid to use our voice, services, and platform to help bring change to make this world a better place.


What We Deliver


The key to any successful project is communication. In order to provide the results in a timely manner we make sure to leave no question unanswered. In the event that we don't have an answer, we make sure to provide one to the best of our ability.

I respond to emails, texts, and phone calls within 24-48 hours.

Email: [email protected]


Multi-Media Artist Skill Set

My vast range of experience includes:

- Adobe Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro, Bridge, Lightroom, and Media Encoder.)

- Photography

- Lighting and Design

- Sound and Audio Mixing

- Videography



Project Focus

In order to maintain quality, I do not overbook. When I work with your projects I do NOT take additional clients to ensure that your projects are given the focus and attention they deserve.


Ranged Experience and Adaptability

As a multi-media artist, I have worked with many mediums and different clients ranging from: sports, weddings, events, conventions, studio work, and experimental projects.

If you have an idea or project that may require special attention or alternative methods, I am capable and willing to adapt to the given circumstances.



I am a graduate from University of California San Diego's Visual Arts and Media program, gaining traditional, technical, and experimental knowledge.

While attending Mira Costa College the faculty acknowledged my skill set, earning me internships and jobs with local industry professionals and recommendations as a guest lecturer for local high schools.

I attend workshops to stay informed with modern technology in order to improve my skills from like-minded professionals.


Reliable Networking

In the event that I am unavailable to shoot or the project may exceed my own capabilities, I have a team of talented individuals available to recruit and assist.

The individuals I recommend are highly trusted,  carefully chosen, and have proven themselves to be reliable.