Controversial Opinions: Calliou did nothing wrong

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The original script of "Caillou did Nothing Wrong: Why Caillou is Actually a Good Show"

If you follow along you'll see differences between the initial script and final product!




Growing up as a son of first generation immigrants, I wasn’t allowed to leave the house often as my parents were very strict. I also didn’t have the latest video game consoles because games were considered too violent. So I would spend most of my time playing the same PC games and watching the same tv shows. I also was poor and we couldn’t afford cable, so I grew up watching PBS kids. These shows taught me to always be myself, no matter how unpopular it is. And now I will take those lessons to heart and say something so brave and controversial. Sonic 3D Blast is actually a good Sonic game...and Calliou did nothing wrong. 

I don’t think Caillou needs an introduction as he is possibly one of the most hated characters ever to be created. When I ask people why they hate Caillou, they say it’s because he’s a whiny, entitled, narcissistic, sociopathic, and a spoiled brat that gets everything he wants.


There are countless videos where people express their hatred towards Caillou, ranging from vloggers, comedians, Family guy, and Heck, even Buzzfeed weighed in with a video called “Moms share their undying hatred for Caillou”


Even the official Caillou Youtube account left a comment.


We are living in the most exciting timeline.


Naturally like a person of culture, I always go to the comment section. AND I found people saying things such as:
[insert comments]


A week ago, I too hated this character for many of those same reasons. But not for the reasons everyone listed. There was something else...but I couldn’t put my finger on it.


Then one day the Youtube algorithm blessed me with this video called “Caillou being a Brat Compilation” which highlighted some of Caillou’s worst traits...or did it?

I can’t tell what disturbs me more. The blatant propaganda or the fact that these grown individuals state that they would beat up a 4 year old kid.

[[[[(´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`) “if i had that kid in my house or any general area where i was, id beat the craps out of him”]]]


Naturally as a person of culture I always go to the comment section...but it seems that the comments have been turned off. So now, I didn’t know what to expect. And little did I know, that my life would be completely changed, forever.


So using this video, I’m going to prove once and for all why Caillou is misunderstood and put an end to all this anti-Caillou propaganda.


First off, we begin with Caillou building a tower of blocks. His sister knocks it down. Caillou gets mad, as anyone would. I mean, how would you feel if something you worked so hard to make was rendered meaningless in less than a second?



Caillou reacts by telling Rosie not to do it. And while his voice is a little whiny, he continues to mind his own business and play, only to still be antagonized by his sister. He gets mad, as anyone would. BUT rather than stay and argue, he removes himself from the situation.

He sets his boundaries, to which Rosie, once again, antagonizes him by stealing HIS toys.

Most of you wouldn’t let your own sibling play with the family console’s unplugged controller.


How does he handle this situation?


Well Caillou goes to his mom for help - emphasizing that he doesn’t want to play with Rosie. Again, setting boundaries.


His mom ignores his needs and tells him that HE needs to play with his sister against his own will, and won't interfere because they apparently need to learn how to get along on their own, without her actually parenting.

Now I’m no expert in child development, but I’m pretty sure that's lazy parenting.


I do agree that his tone here is rather whiny

In his defense, he is desperate, he’s out of options, and the one person he should be able to trust, the one person who is supposed to help mediate this, just shrugs his problems off, as if he is nothing more than a nuisance.


And I know many of you are celebrating because you see Caillou as nothing more than a waste of space, and you’re probably thinking “This is what he deserves! Even his parents don’t love him!” but honestly, I think this is sad.


Also, everyone says one reason they hate him is because he always gets his way. But this alone proves he doesn’t! Which is it America?!?


Caillou then goes to his room to read a book. He’s in HIS room, a place where he can be relaxed and unbothered, removing himself from Rosie’s menacing presence.


You can clearly hear the door open - Rosie entered HIS room, HIS space, his sanctuary.


He gives her a warning. she doesn’t listen.

By jumping on his bed after he told her to go away, Rosie chose violence.


And I want to make it clear - what Caillou is doing is NOT okay. He is completely in the wrong of pushing and hurting Rosie.


But I ask you, what other choice did he have? He told Rosie to stop, he removed himself from the stressful situation, his mom completely dismissed his concerns, and now she enters HIS safe space.


Unlike many real life kids, violence and aggression was not his first action, but his LAST resort.


Again, I want to reiterate that Caillou lying is NOT okay. But he did this out of fear - because he knew that he would get in trouble because his parents wouldn’t take his side. That’s how kids are! And let’s be honest, some of you actually HIT your siblings and then lied to your parents claiming you didn’t. Caillou didn’t even hit her. 


His mom told him that he has to learn to solve his own problem - and he did. I think the only ones that can criticize Caillou from her on out are those that were never brats in their entire lives.


This next part is completely relatable. Caillou wants cookies.


Now many of us adults know that’s bs. Snacks are anytime food. Why, some of you drink beer for breakfast and give my man Caillou beef for wanting chocolate chip cookies.


You have to admit, Caillou is pretty witty.


In this next clip Caillou isn’t being whiny at all, but rather, he’s crying and expressing his frustration from being bullied by Jim. In a world of Jim’s, be a Caillou.


In the following next clip, I haven no defense. Yes he’s being whiny - He’s crying and acting like...a child...because he is one.


A lot of people claim that his parents are spineless, but in the instances shown here, they’re pretty savage.


So in that entire video, only the last minute showed Caillou being a brat. The rest..well...he’s the victim. Sure his voice does whine and he throws tantrums...but as for the rest of the arguments...well I don’t see them. I just see a flawed character that makes mistakes, and learns from them.


And in modern times people will go out of their way to defend characters like Sasuke, Dabi, and even their favorite toxic content creators, despite the fact that they’re psychotic murders and war criminals. But my question remains unanswered...why do people hate Caillou? What’s so different about Calliou that makes people hate him? Is it herd mentality? Do we hate him because it’s the popular thing to do? Is there something beyond the whiny voice and tantrums?


Why is it that the minute Caillou makes an honest and humanistic mistake - ALL mercy goes out the window... despite us being more forgiving to psychotic murders and war criminals?


Then it hit me.


We don’t hate characters like Yuno, Sebastian, Sasuke...because they are exaggerated character tropes. They exhibit the most rare and extreme cases with specific problems that are not meant to be commonly relatable.


But...we hate Caillou because he IS relatable. Because he’s human.


The problems he faces are very real and in that we are reminded of ourselves. We have been in those situations and have also whined, complained, talked back, and even fought with our siblings. When we look at Caillou, it’s like looking at a mirror of our own traits. 


However, the difference between Caillou and how the world reacts to US.


Let’s be real - our parents would have spanked and punished us for doing this. Heck some of us have been there and got worse punishments.


And at first, some would say that his parents are spineless for “letting him go unpunished” because he’s a spoiled brat that gets whatever he wants.


This is wrong and I’ll break it down: rather than immediately punish Caillou, his dad asked him why he pinched Rosie. Caillou gave his reasoning: Rosie won’t play with him.

His dad then takes the time to explain and educate Caillou on why he cannot have what he wants. In the end, Caillou did NOT get what he wanted, and his dad took the time to educate him. He allows Caillou to make mistakes and learn from them without being punished because he knows Caillou is a growing and developing 3 year old.


That’s something, many of us never got. We were immediately punished for making mistakes. We were expected to have little to no flaws despite us also being little kids. And When we did ask questions, it would be considered rude, “talking back” and WE would be labeled as rebels for questioning authority.


We call his parents spineless for not “giving him a beating.”

But honestly, if his parents were real, we would be applauding them for taking this approach. ]]]]



If we were ever to whine or complain to our parents like Caillou does, we would get spanked and punished.


In response, we call his parents spineless for not punishing and “giving him a beating.”


But in real life, we applaud them for choosing NOT to punish Caillou, and for being parents that understand that he’s just a toddler that is developing life skills, and ultimately will be affected based on how they react.


And truth be told, I am aware the initial clips I showed don’t do his parents justice. In most episodes they are often shown giving Caillou alternative ways to respond to difficult situations. That’s something we never got. Most of us were told to shut up and obey, and labeled as troublemakers for daring to ask questions or questioning authority.



Here’s another example - Caillou lied to his grandma, pretending he likes olives. When she finds out, she allows him to give his reasoning.


Again, many of us would be ridiculed for being picky eaters, wasting food, and above all, lying. Caillou already feels bad, but rather than rub it into his face, she is understanding and validates him and explains that everyone has different likes and dislikes.


Many of us never got that opportunity, and our justifications are invalidated. We would get punished for lying, which doesn’t make us more honest - we either get better at lying, or we stop trusting our parents with our truths to avoid negative responses.


And this happened to me as well - I went to a friends house to study for an exam and was told to be home before 8pm. However, we underestimated the amount of time and work and on top of that the bus was late, and my phone died. I figured I would just explain myself when I arrived home. However, that was not the case. When I got home I was greeted by my dad yelling at me, claiming that I lied and took advantage of their “kindness.” Yeah, I was a first gen kid, so our parents are kind of brutal. Anyhow, I tried to explain what had happened but no one would listen. It was simply “You lied, so therefor, you are grounded.” Looking back, It would have been nice to have been told “Son, if this ever happens again, go back to your friends house and ask to use their phone or a charger.” Again, I say this because this never happened to me before. And rather than use this as a learning experience, it was used as a change to punish me.


So unlike the parents of our own, Caillou’s parents understand that he is a growing human that they will take the time to grow and nurture.


They understand that he is a human being with emotions and he needs to learn how to channel them.


Many of us never got that.




And is Caillou aware of this? Well, look no further than the opening theme song


And for further proof, look no farther than the opening theme song that I believe does the best job at explaining this. Caillou is just a 4 year old kid who likes exploring something new each day. His world is constantly turning and changing each day, but with his mommy and daddy, the two people in his life who he knows he can trust and will support him, he knows he’ll be okay. 


Lastly, we all should be able to relate to this last line “Growing up is not so tough, except when I’ve  had enough” because we’ve all been there. Many people use the phrase “I’m tired of adulting”, which is basically saying the same thing. We all get frustrated the older we get, but in the end, it’s manageable.


In the end, Caillou lives in an ideal world where he is allowed to make mistakes AND learn from them without being punished or ridiculed. He is allowed to explore and ask questions. He is allowed to not know everything. He is be human.


We wish we had that. We envy him...And because of that...we hate Caillou.




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