Collections of media works that range from animated graphics, advertisements, promotions, documentation, creative works, and content creation.



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Video Animation and Graphics

Projects include works and promotions for organizations and individuals with an emphasis on producing online content. Content is made from my own personal assets or a mix of assets available to me from the clients. Projects are then compiled by me through creative freedom or a specific outline and request.



Certain featured projects contain use of vulgar language. Please optimize your viewing by being conscious of people in your surrounding.



Live Action

Projects range from creative projects, ads, montages, narratives, documentation, and branding. Content includes filming on location or a set. When requested, the use of personal lights, drones, stabilizers, gimbals, audio capture devices, etc. are provided. Editing ranges from compilations to the use of effects such as green screens, audio mixing, texts, transitions and other requested assets.

Creative Content

Personal content featured on social media platforms. Including a mix of skits, narratives, and popular culture documentaries. Content also involves self performances.


Dance and Performance

Projects involve filming and editing performances of creative artists. Effects, text, logos, etc. are created upon client request. Project intensities vary. Lighting, stabilizer, gimbals, and drones are also used to assist in filming.