Hello, my name is Roberto Suarez, and I am the Oceanside Dolphins Club coach. Our goal is to develop a running community by starting at the youth level, continuing to the high school, collegiate level, and beyond.


We are a distance specific program that operates in the winter seasons of December - early February. Our demographics range from middle school, high school, collegiate, and post collegiate.


Our events specialization includes 400m, 600m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 3000m, 3200m, and 5k.


The end goal is to encourage athletes to make running a lifelong lifestyle. In order to succeed we must create an environment and community that is open to any and every runner, where they have the opportunity to properly learn about the running lifestyle.


Vision into reality:

The training methods are suited for each runner's needs.

The training style is adapted from:

  • New Zealand's Arthur Lydiard
  • University of La Verne's former Head Coach Mike Atwood
  • Italy's Renato Canova
  • University of Oregon's Pat Tyson

Phases include:

  • Aerobic Conditioning (endurance cycle; develop endurance)
  • Pre-Training Phase (Pre-Season time trials and Invitationals; transition toward race-specific workouts)
  • Competitive Phase (Invitationals, Competitive Duals; training intensity increased with higher volume.)
  • Championship Phase (Conference, Finals; race simulation workouts, volume decreased to mid-season levels.)

The phases are modeled after the “Diamond Model” as pioneered by Scott Simmons and Will Freeman in their book Take The Lead: A Revolutionary Approach to Coaching Cross Country.

In the Diamond Model (in contrast to the pyramid model), all components of training are progressed simultaneously.

To deliver individualized training and a competitive racing experience for students athletes who compete under our program.

Each student-athlete brings his or her own experiences and history to the team. With those experiences come strengths and weaknesses. Through the guidance of the coach and the structure of the team, each individual's weaknesses can be developed into a new strength, and an existing strength can become capitalized to a personal quality. Additionally, individuals will work together as one unit working to achieve common goals.


There are many key locations we will use to train:

  • Buddy Todd Park
  • Marlado Highlands Park
  • Oceanside Beach
  • San Luis Rey Elementary – Hills
  • Hidden Canyon Community Park
  • El Corazon Park
  • Guajome Park

Training Principles:
The training Principles may look familiar as they are adapted from the University of Oregon’s/ Pat Tyson’s training principles. The differences are that of teamwork and correct biomechanics which have been added, as they are team-focused, instead of individual-focused.

• Individuals working together as one unit is essential for an optimum training group
• While conflicts arise, they must be addressed quickly and appropriately in order to ensure an efficient ability to work together
• Each person can benefit from each other: there is a domino effect in training where the slowest runner can push the fastest runner.
• Make every effort to be courteous to your teammates
• A team is as good as their number five, as great as their number seven, but powerful as ONE.

Correct Mechanics:
• Run with good mechanics—many injuries are due to poor posture.
• Sit tall when sitting, stand tall when standing so that you can run tall when running.
• Allow your body to function the way it was designed to function

Moderation and Patience:
• Time is in your favor: The body will adapt to just about anything…if you give it enough time, and you have to be patient!
• Make gradual changes in the proper phases
• Most change requires 3-6 weeks to be measurable
• Recognize 2-3 week delayed benefit rule (what you do today will benefit you in 2-3 weeks)

• Move from easier to more difficult
• Start with general stimuli and move toward more specific stimuli
• Do not skip any phase-the next training unit is based upon your progress in the previous phase

• Be ready to adapt to conditions of terrain, weather, level of competition, injuries, etc
• A given training effect can be achieved many ways

• The phases of training target specific energy and mechanical systems, specific to the race distances and conditions
• Recognize and evaluate the specific demands of the race and train those components
• Do not practice running slow…you might get good at it!

Callousing Effect:
• At some point, race conditions must be experienced in practice
• This is the most specific kinds of training and comes in the last 4-6 weeks, to get the body adjusted and ready for the championship races.
• Find the race in EVERY workout and win it: if it’s a physical discomfort in a tempo run, push through it; if it’s a mental barrier in a recovery run, get over it. Practice mental toughness and confidence every time you run

The weather at Oceanside is conducive for training, and we beat the heat by practicing in the morning. The winters are mild, but cool enough to toughen you up for the track season.

Top Expectations
• Excel in the classroom.
• Must compete in their school's respective Track & Field and Cross Country programs.
• Work together as a team with a good attitude.
• Develop team goals and individual goals.
• Obedience and adherence to the guidelines and each workout’s objectives.
• Race; don’t just run blindly…be competitive!
• Become a student of the sport
• Have fun!


***Our goal is for each of you to be a part of the team. I understand that there are other commitments, such as work, class, family obligations, etc. I am a reasonable person, and I am sure we can find a compromise in order to avoid disciplinary actions. ***

Running Beyond:
It is my hope that your running career will continue past the seasons spent here with us. Each student-athlete is encouraged to continue training and racing, realizing that competition in such settings like the Olympic Trials are possible! In the same way, alumni are encouraged to attend practices, races, and other team functions. Once a member of the Oceanside Dolphins family, you are always a member!

The Next Step:
If you are interested in becoming a part of our family of runners contact us!

Roberto Suarez

[email protected]