These days we seem to label anyone who owns a DSLR as a photographer. Many people tell themselves; "I own a DSLR, why should I pay for a photographer? I can take my own photos." While that is true, there is a distinct difference from being a photographer and a Professional photographer. This is the point where I separate myself from being a person with a camera and label myself as a professional. When you book me, you are paying for my professional work, knowledge of lighting and use of of it, wide use of photographic equipment, photographic knowledge earned through years of school and experience, editing skills with access to the latest Adobe software, constant customer communication, as well as a photographer who knows how to use a his equipment to the fullest extent and bring out the best in your image.

When comparing to what you pay for, you realize that get what you pay for and more. You will have the  satisfaction of owning exquisite images that you will look back upon  and at the same time awing everyone who sees them.

I have a team ready to work and meet your needs. The people I work with are well educated in this field either by means of school education, generation experience, and any means equal to this. If I am not available to shoot your event, I can and will recommend someone who I believe is as good, and even better than myself.