Roberto Suarez

Roberto is the main photographer of Suarez Digital. Currently residing in Oceanside, he is working towards earning his degree in teaching Movement and Sports science, Adobe Photoshop, and Photography.

Roberto's biggest attribute to his photography lies heavily in his experiences as well as the college courses taken in the subject matter. Through years of learning, he has gained valuable experience he applies to his work, combining different methods to create works of unimaginable proportions.   

His range of photography includes sports, weddings, studio work, tone mapping, HDR, and events, to name a few.

Finally, rounding up with Photoshop, he is able to create his own vision far outside a visible spectrum. Along with corrections of photos, his ability and grasp of photoshop also opens new doors to creativity previously not possible.

"I work well under pressure and always find creative and simple solutions to complicated and overwhelming situations." - R. Suarez









Ana Macias

Born in San Diego CA, Ana is a third generation photographer currently working towards her degree in physical therapy.

As a third generation photographer, she is able to use previously learned skills and apply them in her works. Her previous self taught experiences have allowed her to jump into the field of photography and adapt to new methods presented to her.

Calm and collected, Ana loves communicating with her subject, allowing an intimidating and awkward situation become lively and flow smoothly.

Her strong suits include, but are not limited to: weddings, studio work, studio lighting, portraits, couples, sports, and event photography.